Traditional, cosy and convivial

This restaurant is characterised by its cosy, rustic ambiance and relaxed atmosphere. The ‘Fuhrmannsstube’ is decorated with found objects from an old blacksmith’s forge, giving the hotel ‘Zur Dorfschmiede’ (Village Forge) its name. To suit this traditional handicraft, the Fuhrmannsstube is ideal for hearty meals and celebrations. With an inviting bar in the heart of the restaurant and plenty of cosy seating options, it’s the perfect place for a relaxing end to an eventful day of your holiday.

The culinary delights on offer at the Fuhrmannsstube range from the ‘Tartar’s Dinner’ - the chef’s speciality - and convivial feasts, as well as fondu and barbecue evenings to wine tastings, down-to-earth treats and delicacies from our farmer’s buffet… you’re guaranteed to find the right dish to suit your tastes on the Fuhrmannsstube menu.